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i want the freedom to do anything that makes me happy. i believe that such a huge value shouldn't be put on money. people will spend their whole lives working on jobs they hate to make money while they're miserable just to work more to make more money to still be miserable. take a breath and get out. get out, far away. and just live. that's what i want to do. just be happy and be free. i believe in love. love of people, nature, art. anything that makes your heart feel like it's floating. i have a huge heart and i put everything i have into other people. i'm one of a kind and so is everyone else. why try to be like another when it's so special just to be you?

Lindsey Renee. Basshead. Flower child
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they yellow are the piercings i have and the tattoos i&#8217;ll be getting in two weeks.
the green is for when i broke my finger and the scar on my foot from and sharp object i kicked.
you can message me about the rest. &lt;3

scars will fade, and even if they don&#8217;t i&#8217;ll always know that i survived.
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