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i want the freedom to do anything that makes me happy. i believe that such a huge value shouldn't be put on money. people will spend their whole lives working on jobs they hate to make money while they're miserable just to work more to make more money to still be miserable. take a breath and get out. get out, far away. and just live. that's what i want to do. just be happy and be free. i believe in love. love of people, nature, art. anything that makes your heart feel like it's floating. i have a huge heart and i put everything i have into other people. i'm one of a kind and so is everyone else. why try to be like another when it's so special just to be you?

Lindsey Renee. Basshead. Flower child
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"Green roofs like this one is what we were learning about in college today. Beautiful, sustainable, wholesome designs like these are what inspire me to become an architect, not the soulless concrete boxes we’re all so used to now. This is the kind of future I want to design. This is the kind of future I want to live in."

hahhaha omg yes




Reblogging because this actually is a thing that should concern more people. 


umm lavender smells amazing and cilantro tastes like jesus so if thats not incentive enough

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Star Wars Yoga by Rob Osborne


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Labyrinth Gate, The Magic Forest